DuPont Garment Selection Services

We now offer services to help you find the right chemical personal protective equipment for you and your team.

As an authority on personal safety and protection, DuPont is in the unique position to offer services that help you identify garments and accessories from its range that best meet your specific needs.

We have various tools that allow you to benefit from this expertise, all offered under the DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ platform. To find your protective solution, please click "Start Here".

Garment Selection Services

Start Here

We can help you by...

  • 1Identifying
    Protection Needs

    Hazard identification, including the form, physical state and extent of exposure

  • 2Assessing
    Working Conditions

    An analysis of the handling processes, as well as the mechanical and comfort demands required of the garment.

  • 3Proposing
    Potential Solutions

    Based on the acquired input, we will propose a garment solution to meet your specific requirements.