New Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers - the cargo cover that's in a class of its own

How it works

The Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers sandwiches a low-emissivity metallic layer between a high efficiency insulation layer on the inside and a high-reflectivity, weatherproof, Tyvek® layer on the outside to bring a cargo cover with multiple benefits. The entire Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers cover structure is weatherproof yet breathable allowing damaging condensation to be evacuated in cold and humid conditions.

Where it's needed

The product is suitable for cool-chain handling environments and shipping lane scenarios where there is the possibility of transient exposures to low ambient temperatures and for any long or complex transportation routes where there is a likelihood of significant temperature variations.

Verified performance

Exhaustive trials and testing have confirmed the excellent performance of Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers especially in long-haul freight runs where sensitive cargo can be exposed intermittently to very low ambient temperatures, intense heat gains from solar exposures and the negative influence of humidity fluctuations.

Class of its own

Solar protection, cold temperature performance and breathability - no other commercially-available cargo cover successfully combines these triple benefits giving the Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers probably the best blend of performance available on the market.

Come and be part of our launch

You are invited to join us at the launch of the Tyvek® Xtreme W50 Cargo Covers at the LOGIPHARMA conference in Montreux on 19th -21st April 2016!


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