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Nomex 50 Years Never Out

DuPont™ Nomex® Marks 50 Years of Enabling Endless Possibilities

Since being introduced in 1967, DuPont™ Nomex® has provided unparalleled protection to millions of people around the world, helping to keep them safe from the everyday hazards they face on the job. Nomex® has also helped keep people safe while they conquered challenges that were once considered impossible, such as drilling beneath the earth’s core or rocketing to outer space. This 50-year legacy is truly a reason to celebrate—in a big way! So we are kicking off a year-long global celebration. Throughout the year, a series of special events and activities will be held to not only mark this major milestone, but to focus on the future.

“We are certainly proud of what Nomex® has made possible in the past, but we believe that the best is yet to come,” said John Richard, DuPont™ Nomex® Global Business Director. “That’s why we will continue to innovate and collaborate with companies around the world, using the unparalleled protection of Nomex® to help solve the toughest challenges of the next 50 years, and beyond.”

Nomex to Solve Toughest Challenges

Nomex® grew out of fundamental research and development (R&D) work conducted by Paul Morgan and Stephanie Kwolek. The impetus for the discovery of this inherently heat- and flame-resistant fiber was the deaths of numerous race car drivers in fiery crashes. Building on the work of his colleagues, Wilfred Sweeny found a way to make a high-molecular-weight product that could be spun into a tough crystallizable fiber (later named Nomex®) that possessed outstanding thermal- and flame-resistant properties. Fittingly, Nomex® was first tested in racing suits in 1966 before being commercialized the following year. In 2002, Sweeny was recognized for his contributions with a Lavoisier Medal, the highest honor of science excellence awarded by DuPont.

Creation of Nomex Creation of Nomex
To coincide with the 50th anniversary, we have developed a new brand platform, Nomex® NEVER QUIT™. We believe NEVER QUIT™ exemplifies the spirit of the heroes around the world who rely on the unparalleled protection of Nomex® to do their jobs safely, while underscoring the DuPont commitment to continuous innovation.

Soon, you’ll be seeing Nomex® NEVER QUIT™ on our website and in print and digital ads. So be on the lookout. And, stay tuned for details about upcoming 50th-anniversary events and activities.

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