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Understanding the Cost of Burn Injury and the Effects of FR Apparel Choices

You are probably well aware that burn injuries on the job often result in significant lost time from work and, in some cases, even death. And you may realize that the medical costs, wage indemnity and claims/administration fees—the direct costs of injuries—can be substantial. But did you know that the indirect costs, which include items such as litigation, fines, higher insurance premiums and productivity losses, are typically 2X to 5X higher than the direct costs?

$10.4 Billion Spent on Burn Injury Treatments

Details about the direct and indirect costs of burn injuries, as well as the effects of flame-resistant (FR) apparel choices on burn injury severity and subsequent costs are presented in a webinar titled “Burn Injury Cost Considerations.

Burn Injury Cost Considerations In this presentation, Dennis L. Mater, DuPont™ Nomex® FR Apparel Sales Technical Leader—North America, shares his insights and expertise on how burn injuries occur; the unexpected costs associated with these injuries; and the importance of selecting the proper FR apparel for your specific hazard.

Mater begins with a look at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics about the number and severity of industrial burn injuries from fires and explosions reported to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Next, he discusses the basics of burn injury, including types of burns, the burn injury mechanism and survivability factors. This is followed by an in-depth look at the significant costs associated with burn injuries. Data and real-world examples are used to illustrate the financial burden a company may face due to a burn injury.

380.000 Americans Suffer from Burn Injuries Every YearMater then presents actual FR garment evaluations, with predicted burn injury and predicted burn injury survivability data. This information makes it easy to see how proper FR apparel choices can help save lives, minimize potential burn injuries and reduce potential long-term costs.

Editor’s Note
Dennis L. Mater is the North American Thermal Apparel Technical Team and Technical Sales Leader for DuPont Protection Solutions. In this role, Dennis serves as a technical lead for North American innovations and application development initiatives within the thermal protective apparel businesses. He is the technical liaison for the technical and applications development team, sales and marketing team and end users with thermal protective needs.

Dennis MaterDennis began his career in 1986 with Burlington Industries, Klopman Division dyeing and finishing plant, serving in various managerial and technical roles. After completion of his Master’s degree, he has worked 25-plus years in various textile businesses serving the apparel, air filtration, automotive, general apparel, furniture and bedding, flame resistant product markets, among others. He has held many roles, including product and applications development, multi-site manufacturing operations management, business and sales development and senior-level business, technical and managerial positions.

He earned a bachelor of science degree in textile chemistry from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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