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DuPont has added more innovations to its protective garment range with enhanced design features that offer improved personal protection while ensuring comfort and ease of movement for the wearer. Made from proven Tychem® fabric, the new garments provide a reliable barrier against many of the organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals and biohazards encountered in industrial, chemical processing, oil and gas, environmental clean-up and emergency response applications.

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TYCHEM® 6000 F

Tychem® 6000 F offers several ergonomic features ideal for dangerous conditions, including an innovative hood which fits perfectly full face masks, double cuffs & zippers and durable materials for enhanced wearer protection.


  • → Smart design features: double cuffs, zippers & flaps
  • → Ergonomic design
  • → Barrier to infective agents and radioactive contamination
  • → Lightweight, durable Dupont Unique fabric (<500g)
  • → Available in sizes S to 5XL
  • → Inside knitted cuffs for enhanced comfort
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    Tychem 6000 F FaceSeal
     Tychem F with dissipative socks

    TYCHEM® 6000 F FaceSeal
    taping no more needed

    Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal is a coverall with a variety of safety features from rubber face seal to rear entry points, that doesn’t require taping anymore.


  • → Rubber face seal to ensure tight fit around full-face masks
  • → Lightweight Tychem® F fabric
  • → Additional dissipative socks with boot flap
  • → Attached inner gloves
  • → Rear entry point for frontal exposure
  • → Available in sizes S to 5XL
  • → Antistatic treatment on inside
  • → Manufacturing date on box label
  • DuPont Tychem New Product Services


    Tychem 6000 F
    Tychem F with dissipative socks

    TYCHEM® F with dissipative socks
    for ease of earthing thru adequate footwear

    The new Tychem® F with dissipative socks provides a safe and comfortable coverall for users explosive environments, enabling dissipation thru adequate footwear in combination with flooring system.


  • → Suitable for use in explosive environments*
  • → Tychem® F offers broad chemical barrier, permeation data for more than 450 chemicals available
  • → Neutral grey colour
  • → High quality DuPont unique fabric
  • → Dissipative socks up to boot flap
  • → Available in sizes S to XXXL
  • → Made to order
  • The new Tychem® F with dissipative socks is available for those working in explosive environments (Ex-zones)** where any electrical charge presents a potential hazard. This hooded coverall has a boot flap and integrated socks offering electrostatic dissipative performance due to the specially designed sole.

    DuPont Tychem New Product Services


    Tychem 6000 F
    Tychem 6000 F FaceSeal


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