We now offer a new, guided service to help you find the right chemical personal protective equipment for you and your team.

Beyond access to a range of products that combine scientific innovation with material, garment and manufacturing expertise, our customers receive extensive assistance in selecting the correct garment for their specific requirements, as well as training to ensure its correct and safe usage. In a step-by-step guide, the Starter Program outlines the stages required to determine your chemical protection needs and to select the garment or suit that best fulfils them. The outcome is the provision of chemical protection on which you can rely and which you can trust.

A guide to garment selection

There are multiple steps to consider when choosing chemical protective garments. As well as determining the form and level of exposure, a thorough workplace assessment is essential to selecting safe, comfortable and standards-compliant chemical protective clothing.

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We can help you by...

  • 1Identifying
    Protection Needs

    Hazard identification, including the form, physical state and extent of exposure

  • 2Assessing
    Working Conditions

    An analysis of the handling processes, as well as the mechanical and comfort demands required of the garment.

  • 3Proposing
    Potential Solutions

    Based on the acquired input, we will propose a garment solution to meet your specific requirements.

  • 4Conducting
    Wear Trials

    Put the proposed garment to the test and evaluate its performance in use.

The DuPont Starter Program