DuPont Thermo-Man at Vespel Plant, Singapore

Experience in Asia Pasific

As science and innovation leader, DuPont continues to lead the world’s science of heat and flame protection. Bringing DuPont’s 212 years heritage and 50 years of experience as the inventor of Nomex® to deliver trusted thermal protection products, we are now making multi-million dollar investments to expand the global network of innovation and thermal proteciton performance testing centers.

Fires are unpredictable. So in order to test our fabric under the most realistic conditions, DuPont turns to Thermo-Man for help. This life-sized, instrumented mannequin system is one of the most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation devices in the world. Equipped with 122 heat sensors and dressed in test garments, DuPont Thermo-Man helps ensure optimal product performance.

Thermo-Man Testing Manikin units are in North America, Switzerland and Dubai. And now, it is in preparation for the Asia Pacific region and will be inaugurated in 2016.

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DuPont Nomex® Fiber For Fire Protection

Fight the Heat with Flame Resistant Clothing

You can’t predict when a fire or electrical hazard will occur or how intense it will be. With so many uncertainty, workers that are exposed to fire and electric arc hazards rely on flame resistant clothing made from DuPont brands. Our portfolio includes Nomex® fiber for fire protection, Protera® fabric for arc flash protection, and Kevlar® fiber for gloves that are resistant to high temperatures.

We believe that just meeting standards isn’t enough, so we rigorously test our materials against a wide variety of scenarios, always working to help manufacturers make their protective apparel and accessories stronger, more durable, and safer. In fact, we go beyond basic test methods and test Nomex® in 4- and 5-second fires or even longer exposure time to give workers those valuable extra seconds of protection.

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