Protection that's
a cut above

Do you have the right protection?

Only Kevlar® can protect against cut, heat and flame, and arc flash hazards, while keeping workers comfortable.

Get better protection

Superior cut resistance. Maximum comfort.

Kevlar® engineered yarns provide increased comfort without sacrificing protection.

Multi-hazard protection

Industry-leading cut performance with built-in heat, flame and arc flash resistance.


Patented Kevlar® engineered yarns are lightweight, highly breathable and less rigid—providing market-leading comfort and dexterity.

Engineered to innovate

Patented Kevlar® engineered yarns combine cut-resistant soft-spun Kevlar® materials, high-strength inorganic yarns and elastic stretch-core yarns to deliver the best balance of protection and comfort.

Only gloves made with Kevlar® engineered yarns are able to increase the level of protection—without adding bulk— providing enhanced breathability to increase comfort. This technology provides users the comfort and dexterity to make doing their job easier, and the superior cut protection to do their job confidently.

Pushing the boundaries of protection

See how Kevlar® performs when it matters most.

Kevlar® cut protection test

Kevlar® heat protection test

Kevlar® flame protection test

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