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Nomex® MHP—The Single Solution for Multihazards

Nomex® MHP - The Single Solution for Multihazards

For more than 50 years, DuPont™ Nomex® has been delivering the latest innovations in flame-resistant (FR) protection. Nomex® MHP—a unique multihazard solution—continues that tradition.

Nomex® MHP is a fabric engineered specifically to protect from heat and flame; electric arc; and small molten metal splashes from TIG welding, gas welding and spot welding. In addition to providing multihazard protection, garments made with Nomex® MHP are extremely durable, lightweight and provide optimal moisture management for enhanced comfort.

Meets or Exceeds Standards

Meets or Exceeds Standards

Nomex® MHP meets or exceeds the international standards for heat and flame protection (NFPA 2112, EN ISO 11612); arc flash (NFPA 70E®, IEC 61482-1-2); and small molten metal splash protection (EN ISO 11611). This multihazard protection cannot be washed out or worn away.

Garments made of 7.0 oz/yd2 Nomex® MHP have been third-party certified to NFPA 2112 Standard on Flame-resistant Clothing for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Short-duration Thermal Exposures from Fire.

Nomex® MHP provides Category 2 arc flash protection. When tested according to standard ASTM F1959/F1959M-14e1, the 7.0 oz/yd2 fabric has an arc rating ATPV of 8.4 cal/cm2.

Enhanced Comfort

In addition to providing superior multihazard protection, garments made of Nomex® MHP are lightweight and created for comfort. Designed to absorb moisture, Nomex® MHP dries faster than flame-retardant-treated (FRT) cotton for a more comfortable feel.

In a third-party study based on ISO 13299 and ISO 11035, garments made of 7.0 oz/yd2 Nomex® MHP received the highest overall comfort ratings when compared to garments made of a 7 oz/yd2 FRT cotton/nylon (88/12) blend.

Enhanced Comfort

Extreme Durability

Garments made of Nomex® MHP can last three times longer than FRT garments made of weaker fibers. They provide protection that cannot be washed or worn away and are extremely tough and durable, with a high resistance to abrasion and tears.

Wide Range of Colors

Wide Range of Colors

Nomex® MHP garments are available in 7.0 oz/yd2 twill fabrics in a wide range of colors—royal blue, navy blue, medium blue, khaki, medium gray and red. The garments have good color fastness, maintaining their long-lasting professional look even after the toughest work and wash conditions.

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To learn more about Nomex® MHP, including typical physical property data and home laundering guidelines, download the Nomex® MHP Data Sheet.

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