1000square meters WALL. ONLY 10 squarecentimeters FIRE DAMAGE
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DuPont Nomex® Partner
Nomex® Partner Programme  

DuPont™ Nomex® fibre is a first choice for fire brigades, police, military and industrial workers who rely on its inherently flame resistant properties to help keep them safe from the hazards they face. In collaboration with our Partners (spinners, weavers, knitters and garment manufacturers), we help them offer garments of excellent quality and performance and have origins clearly traced through the value chain. A unique label on the interior of the garment identifies the supplier as a Nomex® Partner.




Everyday, garments constructed of hi-tech Nomex® material protect workers around the world from a multitude of potential hazards. These include flames, heat stress, electrostatic discharge and explosions, as well as molten metal and chemical splashes. In order to ensure Nomex® garments optimally continue to protect the many workers who rely on them, DuPont conducts a variety of different tests.

How will a garment behave in extreme heat?  

DuPont™ Thermo-Man®
During a Thermo-Man® test, a lifesize mannequin, covered with 122 heat sensors is engulfed in flames with temperatures rising up to 1,000°C. This enables predicting a garment's protective performance and integrity against heat and flame.

What are the effects of electrical arc on a

DuPont™ Arc-Man®
This test facility assesses and compares how materials and garments perform when exposed to the thermal effects of electrical arc.

Understanding the dangers of electrical arc  

DuPont™ Arc Guide
Organised into the "4P" approach (Predict, Prevent, Protect & Publish), the DuPont™ Arc Guide helps companies understand, evaluate and reduce the severities and consequences of electrical arc hazards.

How well are workers protected from liquid metal splashes?  

DuPont™ Molten Metal Man
This testing facility evaluates the ability of fabrics to protect against liquid metal splashes, by different metal types, with melting points of up to 1700°C.




Proven protection from thermal hazards in industrial use  

Industrial workers face thermal hazards such as fire, electric arc intensive heat and molten metal splashes. Garments developed by our Nomex® Partners provide proven flame protection and performance durability. Plus, Nomex® offers high resistance to abrasion and long wear life, and that means low repair and replacement costs.




Unprecedented protection in emergency scenarios  

Professionals serving in the emergency response field need protection from hazards such as fire, heat stress, or intense heat caused by a flash over. When exposed to intense heat, garments developed by our Nomex® Partners provide a unique fibre-thickening characteristic, which delivers vital extra seconds of thermal protection.