Nomex® 50th Anniversary Highlights | DuPont™ Nomex® TA Newsletter Volume 4

Recapping a Momentous Milestone—50 Years of Endless Possibilities with DuPont™ Nomex®

When DuPont Protection Solutions announced the 50th anniversary of DuPont™ Nomex® on March 20, 2017, we knew it would be an important year in the history of this inherently heat- and flame-resistant fiber that helps provide protection to millions of people and critical processes worldwide.


From the excitement generated by the new brand platform, Nomex® Never Quit™ – which was developed to coincide with the 50th anniversary—to the tremendous turnout for celebrations held at trade shows and industry events around the globe, to special events held at Nomex® manufacturing facilities to honor those who work to make Nomex® possible, this was a remarkable year that won’t soon be forgotten.

To us, being 50 years strong is the spark to keep moving forward and help create a world that is safer, stronger, more reliable and more dependable. It’s the drive to continue to bring you the latest breakthroughs in protection technology, such as these recent innovations:

  • Fabrics Made of Nomex® MHP, the next generation in multi-hazard protection that helps keep wearers safe from a variety of thermal hazards, including: heat and flame, arc flash and small molten metal splashes in hazardous industrial areas.
  • Nomex® Nano for thermal liners in turnout gear and Nomex® Nano Flex for firefighter hoods, which represent game-changing technology to help better protect firefighters.

We celebrated the many ways that Nomex® has successfully tackled challenges that were once considered impossible. We also focused on the future and DuPont’s commitment to continuous innovation and collaboration with our approximately 125 partners from 40 different countries around the world to help solve the challenges of the next 50 years and beyond. We look forward toward innovating together in the future.

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