FR Apparel Newsletter Volume 7

Nomex® Filament Fiber—Proven Performance in FR Cleanroom Garments

As you are probably well aware, the requirements for a cleanroom garment are rigorous. Even more challenging is the design of a reusable cleanroom garment that also offers flame-resistance, either with or without arc flash protection.

Flame-Resistant, Low Particle Shedding, Arc Resistant

DuPont is pleased to offer a filament form of Nomex® for cleanroom and other high-endurance fabric applications. Made with continuous filament fiber instead of staple yarn, Nomex® filament and carbon helps offer fabrics many important advantages for cleanroom use, including:

  • Flame resistance
  • Little to no particle shedding
  • Ability to be autoclaved or laundered
  • High strength
  • Extreme durability
  • Little to no pilling
  • Static dissipation
  • Reusability

There are commercially available cleanroom garments made of Nomex® filament that meet the Helmke Drum Category 1 designation. Cleanroom apparel made of Nomex® filament has also been tested in accordance with ASTM F1930 test methods. When exposed for 3 seconds to heat and flames of 2 calories / (cm2·s), the cleanroom garment made of Nomex® filament was virtually untouched, with 0% predicted burn injury to the area under the garment. But don't just take our word for it, seeing is believing. Watch the burn test video.

In addition to providing proven FR performance, fabrics made of Nomex® filament are rated to arc flash Category 1 or Category 2. Nomex® filament is currently available in different deniers and natural color (off-white) or producer-colored sage green.

For more information about Nomex® filament fiber for cleanroom, military, industrial or other high-endurance fabric applications, contact Nomex® customer support at

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