FR Apparel Newsletter Volume 7
Comparison of cleanroom garments

Nomex® for FR Cleanroom Garments

Looking for a better option for FR cleanroom garments? Discover the many advantages of Nomex® Filament Fiber.
Bystander firefighting

New Data on Workplace Fires

Extensive study about workplace natural gas fires offers important data that safety managers in other industries can use in their heat/flame hazard assessments.
Thermo-Man Demonstration Unit

Thermo-Man® on the Road

Thermo-Man® mobile demonstration unit is traveling around North America to give people a first-hand look at the importance of wearing appropriate FR apparel.
Racing suits

Nomex® Protects at 200 MPH

When speeding around the track at up to 200 MPH, the last thing racing professionals want to think about is the effectiveness of their flame-resistant protection. With DuPont™ Nomex®, they know they are protected.