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Product names

How the transition works.

We’ve simplified our product identification system by replacing the original product names with an easy-to-follow numeric system. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection—it’s that simple.

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Product Name Guide

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Tychem® Reflector
Tychem® 10000 FR
Tychem® TK
Tychem® 10000
Tychem® Responder® CSM
Tychem® BR
Tychem® 9000
Tychem® ThermoPro
Tychem® 6000 FR
Tychem® F
Tychem® 6000
Tychem® CPF3
Tychem® 5000
Tychem® SL
Tychem® 4000
new garment
Tychem® 2000 SFR
Tychem® QC
Tychem® 2000
new garment
Tyvek® 800
Tyvek® Plus
Tyvek® 600
Tyvek® Xpert
Tyvek® 500
Tyvek® 400
Tyvek® Dual
Tyvek® 400 D
ProShield® Nexgen
ProShield® 60
new garment
ProShield® 50
ProShield® Basic
ProShield® 10
DuPont™ Tempro®
ProShield® 6 SFR