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Nomex® 910
  • Available in 3, 5, 7, 10 mils
  • Product Forms: rolls, sheets, diamond-dot coating and creped

Typical Liquid-Immersed Transformer Applications for Nomex® 910
  • Submersible transformers
  • Vault transformers
  • Solar transformers
  • Wind turbine generator step-up
  • Rectifier transformers
  • Furnace transformers
  • Distribution transformers

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Nomex® 900 Series

Designed specifically for liquid-immersed transformers, the DuPont™ Nomex® 900 Series provides an ideal insulation solution, helping to enable increased short- and long-term reliability or reduced size and weight with greater power density.

Insulation systems based on Nomex® 900 Series papers and pressboards help maintain excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics over the service life of a liquid-immersed transformer.

Nomex® 900 series

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