Where to buy wristbands made of Tyvek®

Purchase wristbands made of Tyvek® from these partner businesses.

Enjoy the durability, comfort and security of wristbands made of Tyvek® at your next event by ordering products from the following vendors.

Rue de l'Industrie, 17
B-1400 Nivelles
phone: +32 67 89 56 56
email: info@pdc-big.com

Price Chopper Wristbands
6325 McCoy Rd
Orlando, FL 32822
phone: 888-695-6220

Southern Label Company
5624 Clifford Circle
Birmingham, AL 35210
phone: 888-829-8080

Wristband Resources
16000 W Rogers Dr. Ste 100
New Berlin, WI 53151
phone: 888-256-0816

27770 N. Entertainment Drive,
Suite 200
Valencia, California, 91355
phone: 800-255-1865