TYCHEM® 6000 F FaceSeal

DuPont Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal – Tight design combined with trusted Tychem® protection

For applications requiring highest levels of protection, compatibility with respiratory equipment as well as tight design which allows good fit with face masks is essential. With DuPont Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal you get trusted protection against a broad range of organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals combined with sophisticated tight design features, such as the rubber FaceSeal, attached sealed gloves or rear entry with double flaps, which provides full frontal protection.

Tychem® 6000 F FaceSeal is used for a broad range of applications from chemical spill clean-up, emergency response, to military and petrochemical applications.

Key selling points:

  • • Tight design technologies: rubber seal around the mask offers perfect compatibility with full face mask and sealed in gloves for full body protection
  • • Barrier against many organic and highly concentrated inorganic chemicals and biohazards
  • • Rear entry with double flaps for maximum safety of the wearer from frontal exposure
  • • Attached dissipative socks with boot flap
  • • Specially for emergency responder teams who may stock the garments for longer periods of time, the manufacturing date is featured on the box packaging
  • • Suitable for explosive environments*

  • *if considered for use in explosive environments, an application specific risk assessment is required to validate coverall suitability. This can be complemented by a personal earthing monitor test.